I have to say that the DLC with story in it for fallout 4 was better than the main game.ย  Overall the DLC was not good value to me becuase I don;t like to play build-’em-ups but Far Harbour and Nuka-World were great. I particularly enjoyed the great big double-cross I was allowed to do ๐Ÿ™‚

Destiny 2 came along much to my delight. I always wanted to play Destiny but it was console only and as previously reported, I owned a PS4 for about a nanosecond before my daughter made it her own.

D2 on PC is a good effort and will keep you engaged. It is clearly a console game at heart but it’s great fun. It has a no nonsense approach to an FPS RPG, in that it is big on the FPS, not so much on the RPG.

The story is quite short and full of repetition (run here, shoot that) but somehow keeps you interested. It’s structured enough to allow you to play for around 15 minutes if you like or you can take on the longer missions at your leisure. I can’t see much to keep me entertained in the end-game though but we’ll see.

I can say one thing for sure, it is better when played with your mates (or in my case – your only mate with a PC). Somehow the scaling works so that a more powerful player is not overpowered and the less powerful player ineffective. That’s quite refreshing to see.

I can imagine putting a fair few more hours into D2, hopefully long enough for the DLC to be released.






It turns out that I ended up playing Fallout 4 again, I never did finish the DLC so I decided to jump back in.

I have to say I am mightily enjoying running around Nuka World trying to kill a crazy mutant.

There’s some more armour to get if I can just find more pesky Star Controllers. It’s a pain to get so I am hoping it is higher specced than what I currently have. That should help with Far Harbour when I get around to playing it.

One thing that annoys me though is that I am the overlord of the whole place yet no-one bows down to me.

I think I might have to show them all the wrong end of a garbage cannon later ๐Ÿ™‚






I think Witcher 3 is boring

I am late to the party when playing the Witcher 3 but I had been dying to play it. Almost every review I have read says it is amazing.

Well it isn’t, it’s boring. I thought it was great for the first area, and most of the second but then things go down hill. The story becomes a long winding mush fest of mushy nonsense and the game itself degrades to throwing the same enemies at you in similar situations (rescue a town, kill a beast rinse repeat).


The question is, what to play next. I’ve got less than a month before Destiny 2 comes out and I really want to play that, so it needs to be something I can play in a month.

I never did finish Salt and Sanctuary, Transistor looks pretty awesome and I never did finish Never Alone. Choices Choices. I really fancy another RPG I think. A top down one.

Maybe I’ll go through Diablo 3 again ๐Ÿ™‚




Daytona! Let’s Go Away!

Just doing some internet surfing and found this bad-boy. One of my favourite arcade game tunes.

Had to share it with you all, Enjoy!

Contact details for Leeram



Xbox One X or Switch?

I have to buy one of them but I don’t know which!

The XboneX is going to be a monster of a machine, equivalent to a PC with a GTX 1070 in it. Not only will that mean great XBoneX games it will mean that PC games get a boost as well, just like happened with PS4 and XBone, and that is a great thing, so it’s worth supporting.

The trouble is I already have a powerful PC, and practically all the decent games come out on it anyway, so the XboneX might just be replicating what I already have.

Then there’s the Switch. It’s Nintendo and they make the best games, unfortunately though the catalogue is a bit sma… What the hell am I on about? Of course I’m getting a Switch, I’m a Nintendo Fanboy!

That new Atari looks lovely though, I will probably have to get one of them as well! I remember the Atari 2600 and the hours upon hours of time wasted on it (Space Invaders anyone?), hopefully this one will be just as good.




I played The Witcher 2 and was not that impressed, well that’s not true because I loved the story – it was the game itself that miffed me off.ย I got stuck at some boss or other and could not get away from it unless I reverted to a game save and I hate doing that. It feels like I am having to compensate for bad game design.

I was a bit hesitant at buying The Witcher 3 but eventually the continual good reports, and a hefty discount on Steam, convinced me to dive in.

I’m not going to write a review because there are plenty of them online. If you like single player RPGs with a good story and plenty to do then this is for you. Make sure you have plenty of time though!



3DS’s Swan Song

I’ve just been lucky enough to be able to go to Florida and so needed a decent mobile game to pass the time on the plane during the trip.

It came down to a choice between Monster Hunter X, Zelda – A Link Between Worlds and Lego City Undercover. I quickly removed Lego from the list because it’s available for Nintendo Switch, which I intend on buying in the near future.

In the end I plumped for Zelda. It is a great game by any measure, I haven’t finished it yet but so far it’s completely engaging. The 3D effect is the best I have seen on the system and Nintendo have learned from previous games – providing some decent tools to make it easier to remember what you are doing, ย for instance you can place multiple pins on the map to remind you where to go.

Unfortunately, unless I buy Monster Hunter (which, let’s face it, is likely to be out on Switch before I get chance to buy it) this is the last game I will play on 3DS. It makes me sad but onward and upward!

Nintendo continue to make the best games on any console, I’m hoping the Switch can keep up the trend.



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