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Day-to-Day Games

So here’s where I start. I just want to keep track of where I am with the games I play and what I do on a day to day basis. No reason for doing it really, I think I’m just interested in having a look at what I do, errr, or somat.

The latest games I bought, well, traded actually were Ibara, Espgaluda, Mario DS and Raiden3. I also got my DS.

I’ve been playing Mario Kart mostly and last night, for the first time, managed to win an Internet race. Today I managed to complete the 150CC class, so the tasks left are to complete all the courses with stars, including the new mirror courses that have just opened up.

I’ve been trying to get into Ibara and have played it for about 3 hours so far, I thought I liked it at first but it’s a nightmare. It should be fun but it just isn’t. There are things you can do to add to the gameplay and get extra bonuses, but the weapons just make it unpredictable, not like Garegga (which is incredibly hard but really good fun with it), and then when you do manage it the difficulty ramps up so far that it just takes ages to work anything out in it. The bottom line is that it just isn’t fun for me, I’ll most likely sell it.

Espgaluda is fantastic, Cave have dropped the difficulty so you really can get into this one without worrying about every baddie and where it appears. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no push-over but it never feels out of reach.

Raiden 3 has been the opposite to Ibara, I didn’t like it at first, it was kind of boring. Very old school and “seen it all before” 3d whizzy roundy graphics. But after I realised it was set by default to “easy” I set the difficulty to Arcade and it made all the difference. I’m really getting into this game but it’s going to have to wait because…

I really must finish DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, so far I have managed to get to round 1 level 4 (1-4) but have not had enough time to put into it over the last few months, time to get back to it. DDP DOJ is one of the hardest shoot ’em ups there is and I’m suprised that I’ve got a far as I have. DDP DOJ is where my blog will continue from. I’ll just not mention the first 29 years of video game playing.. for now.

Note that, in my book, in any shoot ’em up only the first credit counts. So I got to round 1-4 in the first credit. Continues are not counted. Just thought I’d mention it…


In the Beginning…

Where am I at?

Well I’m 35 and have been playing video games since I was six, I have owned and still do own just about every console, but my consoles are determined by the games. If there is a good game I want then I will buy the console to play it on. My dream as a child was to be able to play any game I wanted, regardless of the system.

Well, actually that’s not true my real dream was and still is to own my own arcade. One day… one day…

So what do I have?

Atari Jaguar (PAL), NES (PAL), Master System (PAL), PS2 (Jap), PS2 (US), Panasonic Q (Jap), Pioneer Laseractive A100 (US), Mega Drive unit for the A100 (Jap), Sega Victor Saturn (Jap), Atari 130Xe (PAL), Commodore 64 (PAL), Spectrum 128 (PAL), Xbox (US), Supergun, MVS adapter for supergun, Sega Titan STV for Supergun, SNES (US), Nintendo 64 (US), Sega R7 Dreamcast (Jap), PC Engine Duo (Jap), Atari Lynx, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy DS (Asian black)

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