Managed to get my mask on Factions and I’ve put in about 150 hours with one character and about 30 with another over the last 3 months. I’ve managed to complete it as well, so the compulsion to play it has gone. I still have a few quests to do so I’ll probably finish them off and then build up my monk so that when I play the next Guild Wars I can get to do the missions more quickly. It’s a fact that trying to get into a party as a warrior is hard because there are so many of them and each party only needs a couple. With monks there are so few that you get loads of invites, so for the next game I’m being a monk for sure!

I bought New Super Marios Bros, Japanese for my DS. It’s a really good game and everything is perfect but it just seems to be lacking something, not quite sure what. There’ll be a few hours disappearing because of this game though.

I’ve got back into a shoot ’em up mood so I’m kind of aiming to have a good go at Espgaluda on my PS2. I haven’t finished DDPDOJ yet but I prefer Espgaluda. I’m going to see how far I can get after a 100 hours of solid play. I got 8 seconds from completing Ikaruga with only 30 hours play so I’m hoping a hundred will get me through the game. We’ll see though!

I still can’t beat AOE3 on hard on a land mission. The water ones aren’t so bad because the computer is dumb at organising its ships, but the land based missions I just can’t do. I’ve beat it on the odd occasion but nothing consistant. I don’t have a hope in hell in internet games if I can’t even beat it on hard. I’ll keep trying though.

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