Armed Police Batrider

I went on holiday this week to the ex-arcade capital of Europe, Blackpool. Surprisingly there was a new game in town, admitedly just one new game but when it’s titled House of the Dead 4 you just have to give it a go. And I say give it a go because it’s a spond, a groat, a shekel, a pound per go which is a total rip off.

Anyway the game played really well with a zillion baddies jumping, stomping and chewing on my character. There’s a grenade function so you can dish out mass destruction and also a new “shakey gun” moment where the zombies grab you and you have to shake the gun to shake them off. It’s quite cool but the problem is that the sensor in the gun isn’t consistent so even thought you’re shaking like crazy the zombie gets you.

It’s also week two of the shooting competition. Armed Police Batrider was drawn and has to be played on advanced course. Now APB (not to be confused with the driving game) is the reason I bought a supergun because I played it in MAME and thought it played ok. However a couple of games on the PCB later and I just couldn’t get into it on account of having to pick “teams” of ships to fight with, which basically means that you lose consitency when playing. Anyway it’s been sat on my shelf for ages unplayed and I recently put it up for sale. I blew off the cobwebs and gave it a go for the competition. I worked out how to change the DIP switches to allow me to select all one ship and also to select a specific set of levels. When you play by default there are so many secrets that it’s a bit if a guessing game as to what boss and level you will get next.

With a few hours play (I’ve not had many on account of only just getting back off holiday) I’ve worked out some of it and it plays rather like Garegga, only I prefer Garegga for some reason. I’m hitting around 2 million which I don’t think is too bad considering the hours I have put in, but it puts me on the bottom of the list in the competition, it should get the team a couple of points though. I’ve not enjoyed it as much as Blazing Starand I think I’ll sell it after the week is up.

I’ve also been playing New Super Mario Bros on holiday. I like it more and more but it frustrates me that I can’t suss out some of the secret levels (i.e. how to get to them). This really is 2D platforming action at its best.

Still haven’t completed Zelda Minish Cap, I literally haven’t turned it on since I got to the last boss (last form I hope). I’m going to Wallsy’s next week so I’ll have to complete it by then I suppose so I can give it him back.

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