Air Gallet, Prey and Company of Heroes

Started on Air Gallet today as part of the shooting competition at shmups. I really like it up to now. It’s nice and simple in the scoring department unlike that evily frustrating Dragon Blaze which was the last game.

Man that was damned annoying, having to jump off a dragon to fire it at baddies to get bonuses and all you end up doing is just that, all through the game. Not so much as a shoot ’em up as a thump ’em up.

Been playing a new PC game called Company of Heroes, a real time game based on the war. It’s pretty cool and good for an hour or so of stress relief.

Also got into Star Wars Empires at war which is quite good but suffers from a lack of depth hence me searching out COH.

Also tred Prey but that was yet another FPS in which you cannot see anything because they’ve gone for the dark and gloomey look. What’s the point of having graphics that you can’t see? Anyway, because of that I ended up going back to Call of Duty 2 & United Offensive and I totally forgot how much I like these games.

Les (my mate) has bought the update for AOE3 which I haven’t played and also Unreal Tournament has a new verison out in the next few weeks so it looks like there are going to be plenty of new gaming moments over the next month or so.


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