My Children are Video Gaming Geniuses

Wow! Months since my last post.. seems like just yesterday…

I’ve had a monstrous few gaming months with loads going on. Here we go, in a nutshell!

Went to the 2006 Dragon’s Lair Euromeet in London in December and had a brilliant time. I basically spent a straight 13 hours playing DL and DL2. I met some equally DL mad people and generally talked about DL non stop. Sounds sad but it was great, can’t wait until next year. It did raise a question though, a bit of controversy, if you will. I maintain that the only true way is sword left sword left sword left sword, whereas Darren decided it was sword down sword down sword down sword. Now they both work, but surely using left is the way? What do you think?

My mate bricked his PSP while playing Ghosts and Goblins, basically it decided to update his bios and in the process killed his machine. I tried to help out and bought a mod chip to install in his machine that would allow me to re-flash the chip. I got the mod chip with a PSP for 100 sovs, not bad when you consider I was going to get 30 sovs back for the mod chip as it meant I got the PSP for 70 quid, bargain!! Only problem was that the PSP had a broken UMD drive so I had to install the replacement one sold with the PSP. After a hair rasing ten hours!! I managed to get the thing in and it works fine. Only trouble is, at the part where the instructions told me not to press to hard, I pressed to hard, so the plastic drive cover is a bit loose… Oh and one more thing, I don’t have any games for it because I can’t find any good ones…

Also went to London in September on my annual arcade trip with Wallsy. This year it was Casino Arcade in London and Ketsui non stop. We gave it a good shot and I got the highest points with just over 20 million, getting to the end of level 3 in 1 credit. I died in a tragic “what do you mean I have got an extra man” moment. Wallsy did brilliantly though and got through to level four without the extra man in what can only be described as a psychic event, not as many points but further progress than me. Wallsy then went and bought the Ketsui PCB and there’s a story behind that, only he’ll have to tell it!

I’ve decided reluctantly to sell my Sega Saturn. I love owning it but the simple fact is I have better games on other systems and I just don’t play the Saturn stuff anymore. I’ll be sad to see it go but the money will come in handy.

Speaking of money, I sold a few odds and sods and made a few quid on eBay. While everyone has gone Wii and Xbox 360 crazy I’ve been buying Xbox, PS2 and GC games for virtually no money! The games for these systems are going for about 2 quid each on eBay which is just madness. I just don’t understand people’s rush to buy the new systems when there’s hardly a decent game between them. Anyway, all the better for me so I’m not complaining!

I finally started playing Metroid Prime on GC again, It took me about 3 hours to work out where I was, what I was doing and what the controls were but I’m on my merry way again. Hopefully I might finish it this century!

My DS has taken a bit of a hammering with a whole swathe of fantastic games, but leading the bunch is Osu! Tatekai! Ouendan! It’s utterly superb. I tried the western version called Elite Beat Agents but the western music just doesn’t work, you need that upbeat Japanese pop-rock to make the game work, YMCA just doesn’t cut the mustard!

I’ve wasted too many hours on Guild Wars Factions, in fact I spend fiver hours yesterday trying to so some New Year special missions, I really hope I finish the game soon so I can get on with the rest of my life!!

Also my 4 year old daughter has started playing the mini games in Super Mario Bros for DS. I’m amazed at how well she can play them. She even worked out the “poker” game, the “match two cards the same game” and a couple of others all by herself. I only showed her the whack-a-mole game! My other daughter (7) is now playing her first proper games too; Nintendogs and Animal Crossing Wild World and is really enjoying them…. brings a tear to my eye, makes a change from, what I affectionalty term, “pink”, i.e. everything that girls play with e.g. dolls, make-up, painting etc.

Well I think that’s about everything, time for bed methinks.

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