Vista Shmista!

It’s February 2008 and we aren’t yet living on the moon and all wearing silver suits, which is disappointing. But on the bright side we have video games which just get better and better, which is brilliant!

Everything seems to be amazing these days, but I think that COD4 takes the crown so far. It’s a stunning game and has basically chipped away at any time I have to “live” in and turned it into a dazed out clicking fest. Once again with a COD game I haven’t played it in single player mode, I’ve only played it online. There’s just no point playing the one player.

I have a major problem though and it’s really infuriating. For some reason it crashes every time I play it anywhere beteen 5 and 20 minutes into the game. After many many hours of troubleshooting I found out that the problem is with Punkbuster and my sound card. I got no help from Punkbuster tech support at all and the sound card drivers are non existant. It works fine if I play on a non-Punkbuster server.

The infuriating thing though is that the sound card “soundmax” is built into my motherboard, which I paid a lot of money for, basically it was a top-of-the-range ASUS. Yet despite that there is a flaw in it that isn’t getting fixed. It’s just a complete rip off, I pay my money and don’t get what I paid for and there’s nothing I can do. I got this board because it is specifically designed for Vista and at the time I bought it there were very few things specifically designed to work with Vista, hence the outlay of stupid amounts of money.

So now I find myself in the crap position where I have to buy myself a new sound card. I only wish COD4 was crap so I didn’t care. it’s the only game I get the problem in.

Actually the problem is to do with using two processors, rather than Vista, but who runs Vista on one processor these days? If I switch my machine to use one processor for COD4 then it all works fine, unfortunately though the thing then struggles to run it at top settings.

Anyway, lot’s of gaming goodness out of COD4 has been had. I also got Contra on the DS. It’s great but proper old school hard, beware if you buy this, it really isn’t for the faint hearted.

I still haven’t finished Ouendan 2 with S on the last level, mainly because I just haven’t been away with my DS so much. i’m still ploughing on though.

The new Forged Alliance expansion to Supcom sucks up what bits of time COD4 leaves behind.

I started to long for another one player game after completing GOW and have plumped for Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox. I’ve payed it to the first boss and I have to admit that I’m finding it dull. it got race reviews but I cannot, as yet, see why. I’ll give it another hour and see what happens.

I managed, against all odds, to get the kids a Wii for Christmas. It’s great, at last I have something I can play videos games with them with. My 5 yr old daughter regularly beats me at bowling, she just has this automatic way of doing it and getting a strike, I’ve seen her get 5 in a row! I also got them MySims, obviously I had to give it a go, you know, just to errrmmmm, make sure that…… errrmmmm it’s suitable for an 8 and 5 yr old, yes that’s it. I had to check for violence etc. Clearly I’m going to have to get a 5 star city for that purpose and I’m currently at about 2.5, so many more hours of ….. checking the game for my kids… to go {I really must sort out the floral decoration in the flower shop, it isn’t quite to my taste.. errmmm my daughter’s taste}

And not quite on the game front but awesome anyway, I got an 18 inch tall, voice controlled, Dalek for Christmas! What more could a man want?

Have fun!


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