Living Forever

I’ve been thinking about stuff, and before I go any further I have to apologise for my spelling because I can see two of everything, on account of Mr John Smith, brother of Sam Smith, producing such fine ales.

Have you noticed that as you get older everyone starts getting old and dying. Phillip Scholefield ( that’s probably not spelt right) is, like, old and I remember him from the telly with Gordon the Ghopher. As is Maria Whitaker, who I remember from……. Jackanory I think it was 🙂 Indiana Jones is old, Rocky Balboa is old!

It’s getting a bit worrying because it means it’s my turn next. I’ve tried to hold back the sands of time by lasering my eyes so I can see for the first time in as long as I can remember, but it’s a small act when compared to how grey my head is or the depth of the crevases on my face.

So anyway, I think I’ve found a way to avoid death, which is always a bonus in life, I find. So long as I can make it another 20 years, “they” can replace my whole body with artificial bits, all I have to do is somehow miraculously avoid going senile or getting dimentia, but maybe they’ll sort that too.

I’ve never been one, really, for the downloading-of-the-brain-to-a-computer, but to be fair that does have its advantages, like being able to replicate yourself, or to download yourself to a USB card, get someone to plug you into a PS3 and then upload yourself into it and be games machine for a night. I certainly seems a bit better than freezing myself for a few thousand years. I would imagine though that you would lose all your senses if you did the download, maybe it’s good for brain back-up purposes though. So artificial body it is.

And once you’ve got an artificial body the world is your oyster, you can do anything, but do you know what I would do? I’d pretend to be Steve Austin. I’d ask “them” to even program the dididididididididididid noise as I was preparing to jump over the very high wall that suddenly got in my way, thus hindering my capture of the bad chap. But if I’m in an artificial body then so might be the bad chaps… hmmmmm…

Did you read my facebook link thing about the Global Warming Con? It’ very interesting and well worth a read if you get the chance, it’s linked from my Facebook page.

Why doesn’t the whole world like Gabber? I just don’t understand it.I was listening to the radio on the way to work yesterday and a bloke called Scott Mills was on. I listened to a few of the tunes he played and to be quite frank it was bollocks. Why does anybody listen to that wobbly voice shit that men-pretending-to-be-hard sing. It’s just so bad. I had to turn it off and have a good blast of I Will Have That Power. I suppose it’s horses for courses.

I’m off, I really think it’s time for bed. Have fun.


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