Lee’s Thought for the Day #1

A bit of a departure for my blog and to be honest I don’t know what to title it. I often read or hear about things that are so stupidly argued but prey on general ignorance that I want to write about them and make sure everyone understands the truth of the matter.

The trouble with that is it kind of implies that I think anyone reading my blog is generally ignorant when I explain such things, and that simply isn’t true. I don’t think people reading my blog are generally ignorant, and they actually aren’t ignorant. I do think the people I want to write about ARE ignorant in the specific thing I am talking about, but again that causes a problem because then it just looks like I think I am right and everyone else is wrong, which isn’t the case. That has stopped me from writing any blogs along those lines up to now. But I have to write about what I saw on telly the other day, I just can’t help it. So I decided on on Lee’s Thought for the Day so that you know, right from the start, it’s what I think and that I’m not trying to patronise anyone or insult anyone in any way. Now that’s out of the way I can continue.

There I was making a brew in the kitchen, walking back through to Mission Control to continue working when I saw on the telly that they were having a conversation about whether Creationism should be taught in schools in science classes alongside Evolution. I had to watch, it’s only 10 minutes after all. The last chap in the debate, I don’t know his name, thought it should. Now that gets my blood boiling right from the start but the way he defended his position was laughable. It does play to a common ignorance though and actually sounds plausible until you analyse it which is why I wanted to write about it.

His argument was that Evolution "is just a theory" to quote him, and so therefore Creationism, also a theory, should be given equal validity and taught.

It displays a complete lack of knowledge about what a theory is and what science is. The point about a theory is that you try to falsify it, it is a theory because the evidence gathered supports the hypothesis. It is not valid to state that one theory is as valid as another just because they are both theories. Each theory has a different amount of evidence that supports it. Evolution, actually, is a fact and a theory. It is a fact because it happens whether we recognise it or not. Gravity is a fact. If you drop an apple it falls to the floor and that happens whether we want to recognise it or not. The theory of gravity tries to explain how gravity works. The theory of Evolution is  trying to explain how Evolution works.

Theories change over time, one of that bloke’s points was that Evolution is barely the same as it was originally set out by Darwin, and so therefore is flawed, so why not teach Creationism as well. That is true because as evidence has been added, the theory has been UPDATED to incorporate that evidence. That’s what theories are for, that’s the whole point of them!

What that bloke should have said is that Evolution is a theory and Creationism is a hypothesis. Creationism is an idea that has yet to be turned into a theory, why? because there is not one single shred of evidence for it. Not one, nada, nothing, nowt. If there was, scientists would peer review the evidence and the theory would stand on its own. Using that logic he should then have concluded that Creationism and Pastafarian Creationism should be taught together {but what chance does Creationism have against the true creation myth of Pastafarians. Ramen.}, because they are genuinely both equal in validity as hypothesese, but NOT in science classes.

There is tons of fossilised evidence of Evolution and lets not forget the biggy, DNA analysis. All there is for Creationism is a book of stories. Non of which count as evidence. If they did then Harry Potter and The Lion, The Witch  and The Wardrobe would also be evidence.

Creationism does not change, it stays the same. It doesn’t allow for new ideas or thought. It is as it’s written (by the Lord our God, obviously) and cannot be changed, oh sorry, apart from the Pope can change it after talking to God for a bit.

Making a dumb stupid argument like that on telly, clearly playing to people’s ignorance of what a theory is, is snide and patronising and he should be ashamed of himself (note I am not saying people are ignorant, just that some people do not think about what a theory is or isn’t all day long, as I am rather sadly inclined to do, and so his argument seems reasonable to them in that context).

Anyway, glad that’s off my chest.



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