Mission Control Chaos

16th September 2008:

I was sat there amidst the cables hanging over the front of my shelves. The result of adding the 360 and PS3 to my collection. Cable on top of cable on top of converter on top of adapter. In a fit of pure stupidity I pulled everything out so I can put it all back again, neat like. A week later and enough-wire-to-stretch-to-the-sun-and-back was neatly tucked away and calm set in once more.

Then came my birthday, a bit of cash off my Mum and an immediate trip to the local game emporium (Curry’s actually) to buy Soul Calibur 4. I’d been itching to buy it for weeks.

It’s a cracking game, but, I note, no better than the original Soul Calibur except in the graphics department and the fact that you can play as Darth Vader, and that when you do play as Darth Vader the character actually works in the game, rather than feeling like some under-powered outcast.

I also forked out a whole five pounds sterling for Super Stardust HD. It’s a cracking game. Kind of a cross between Smash T.V. and Asteroids. It’s not as hard as quick as Geometry Wars but a damned fine blast and well worth a fiver of anybody’s money.

And the suprise game for me has been Pure. I’ve only played the demo but it plays fantastic, I’ll definitely be buying this when I get the sovs in place.

Also for my birthday I got, as a gift, a superb theatre poster of Dragon’s Lair, sogned by all the main people that developed the game. I can’t wait to get it framed and up on the wall next to my original Don Bluth drawing of Singe.

I also watched the CGS world championships (heats and finals) and it was fantastic. Messy had possible the worst and best game of a video game I’ve ever seen. Birmingham beating every other team and getting higher than London, again, was fantastic. Roll on a Manchester team that I can support!




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