The Age Rating Rant Returneth

7th December 2008:

So how does this work out?

Gears of War 2 has cartoon men in a cartoon world. The cartoon world is populated by cartoon baddies, called The Locust. Some of the Locust glow completely unrealistically and they live underground in completely made up and sureal environments. The guns, vehicles, narrative and story is all run-of-the-mill fiction. People swear and there is blood. But you can only play it if you are 18…
Call of Duty: World at War. Set in a realistic world, or as close as they could get to it.  It is populated by real-looking baddies, or as close as they can get to it, and they are called Japanese. The Japanese act realistically and they live in realistic looking huts in realistic looking fields and bunkers. The guns are based on real guns, the flame-throwers act like in real life, the vehicles are based on real vehicles and the story is based on what really happened, kind of. People swear in it and there is blood. In fact in the intro sequence before you even get to fire a realistic sounding shot, you get to see some genuinely real film footage of the Japanese lining up a load of innocents near a pit, murdering them all and then filling the pit in. Real war time footage. Or if it isn’t it looks as real as anything I’ve ever seen. Yet you can play it if you are 15…
The ratings people are fools, it makes no sense whatsoever making COD WAW a 15 yet GOW2 an 18. The age rating system is stupid and it needs sorting out, it’s that simple.
Need more proof?
Unrealistic Bioshock, 18. Stealthy kill-em-up Assasins Creed, 15
Unrealistic DMC 4, 16. Realistic warship (and the men on them) slaughter: BattleStations Midway, 12.
Age 11 humour Conker’s Bad Fur Day, 16. 
‘Nuff Said

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