ScepticaLee #2

Just after deciding on "Lee’s thought for the day" and writing my last post, I thought of ScepticaLee, which is much better, so ScepticaLee it is!

I have to say I’m a bit narked, peeved as it were.

Over Christmas I went behind enemy lines, twice, and survived. The first time was in a church. My eldest daughter’s school did some Christmas songs in a local church. Obviously she wanted me to watch and so I braved the church grounds and went inside. Actually, I have to say, there was barely a mention of anything religious; ok there was the odd prayer that I didn’t take part in, but that was about it.

The second time was again to watch my daughter. She is in the school choir and was doing some singing in the local Salvation Army haunt. I was expecting a few carols and then to be on my way home, little did I realise that is was a cunning trap set by powers beyond my control to entrap us poor unsuspecting non-believers. Before any singing could start there was a load of God stuff including having to fold a piece of paper up and on each fold think of something about God. Eventually we ended up with the shape of a cross. Mine came out upside down but that was the least of my worries.

Emily got to do a bit of singing but not before we all had to sing, which I refused to do, to the Lord. Emily then sang a song or two, which was nice, and then came a short sermon. Apparently the good feeling I get on  my birthday or when something nice happens is not my own internal reaction to the situation… no… it is there because God is making the feeling.

It went on forever, the people putting their hands up in the air and crying was the last straw for me. Admittedly I had entered into their "club-house" and shouldn’t really complain about what they were up to, but it did give me a stark reminder of just how many people are willing to suspend all common sense for mystic mumbo-jumbo. I find it frightening that sane people can follow such nonsense and actually believe it.

I survived though, and my daughters came out with any measure of belief that was in them before they went in, squashed. At one point my youngest daughter stood up just before the main bit started and asked me to hold her coat. When I asked where she was going she pointed to a table and said, "over there dad". I looked and the table contained some nice kiddy type things on it (or looked like it did) but there were some Salvation Army people near it. So I said to her, "ok but be careful or the Jesus people will get you". Never have I seen her sit back down so quick!

In both cases I went of my own accord and in both cases everybody was nice as pie. But I have to ask myself why my kids had to be subjected to all that nonsense at the behest of the school? Why couldn’t we have gone to an old people’s home or a community centre? It seems ludicrous to me that schools support this supernatural nonsense.

I thought it was all over but about a week ago my children came home from school singing a song about God. It was a nice little ditty and obviously they had learned the words and actions. What annoyed me was that it was taught to them by the Salvation Army in the assembly that day. I was livid!

I wrote to the school and asked if they would be doing anything about evolution in future assemblies. In the reply I found out that the Salvation Army have done 5 similar visits and that other religions would have assembly attendance in future, but there was nothing about evolution! This isn’t a Catholic school, it’s just a normal state school. Of course I could remove my children from the assemblies but I don’t want to do that. I want them to know about the stupid things that people with religion do, but I want evolution on the agenda too. How can it not be? It’s a school! Where you’re supposed learn about stuff, real stuff, that exists, and is real. Sorry my brain cannot compute it.

I took my children to one side and asked them both what Evolution was. My eldest (9) knew but my youngest (6) didn’t. They both knew about God though, well, they knew the nice stuff about it. When I asked my eldest where she learned about evolution she turned to me and said, "off you dad".

It’s the 150th Birthday of the publication of possibly the greatest research work ever completed, i.e. The Origin of Species , and neither of my children had been taught a single thing about Evolution by their school. Yet both had been indoctrinated with God superstition!

I find it completely absurd that anything calling itself an educational establishment could allow that to happen. It’s an utter disgrace and it is something we should all be ashamed of for letting our politicians allow it. I’m not saying that religion should be banned, I believe strongly that people should be able to believe whatever they like, but society simply must become secular, we have to shrug off this veil of Christianity that covers us and influences state provided services. It’s the only way that we  can guarantee that everyone, no matter what their belief (or non belief), is treated fairly.

Anyway, enough of religion. A strange thing happened to me the other week, well actually just before Christmas. I hadn’t been drunk for a while on account of my liver problem, but my friend was coming back to Britain from Canada so beer was a must. I had a great time, but I have to say I didn’t like being drunk. My head was spinning and I couldn’t think properly, and even though I was drunk I knew I didn’t want to be like that. Who’d have thought it, me, a 20 pint-per-weekend man not liking being drunk. I’m getting old I tells ya!

And for some reason that I can’t explain I’ve really started to enjoy cooking. It started when I saw a programme on the telly called "Beat the takeaway" or something like that. In it a super-star chef cooks a meal that a family also order from a takeaway. The challenge is for the chef to make the same thing before the takeaway arrives, for less money and taste as good. It was a bit of an eye-opener when the chef won. Also, just at the same time Jamie Oliver started his "Pass It On" campaign so I bought the book and gave it a go. I now find myself longing for a new kitchen and have managed to acquire 2 sets of new knives. I even have a collection of herbs… I’m turning into an old fart I tells ya!

Then came the surprise… when you’re cooking you get thirsty and nothing seems to hit the spot like a bit of red wine. So now I find myself "selecting" wine from ASDA! I don’t drink much of it but that’s not the point. I NEVER drink wine. It’s brown beer for me or nothing. I’ve turned into a wine tasting old fart I tells ya!

And I’ve seen, well all my family saw, a real bona fide UFO. And not just one, a fair smattering of them, high in the sky in Middlesbrough! The same thing we saw was in the news and everything so it must be true! I have video to prove it so I’m going to be posting it up onto my web site in the next few days. It’s actually the best footage I’ve ever seen of UFOs. It’s nice and clear and bright, not your usual blurry, shakey images. I’ll post something here when the site is up.



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