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Ibiza Woes

18th June 2009, Ibiza Woes

So here I am in Ibiza, on my jolleys
with the family and I have to say it’s been going quite well so far.
I’ve managed to not get too drunk too often and I’ve totally avoided
ice cream. The children are enjoying the pool
while I am sat in the shade.

The only problem is that this hotel
feels the need to play pop-euro-dub-club-house-dance crap by the pool

I turned it down a bit earlier on
account of it being too loud. And what did some inconsiderate teenage
scrote do? They turned it back up. So now I am out of options but to
have a mass argument with a bunch of toss-pot teenagers.

I could go and plug in my mp3 player
and play hardcore death metal and Gabba. Except I have too much
respect for the other people around the pool to do that.

The ignorant little runts are quite
simply the epitome of British scum and I hope their ears get fried,
tonight, in whatever euro-disco-dub-trance-house club they decide to
get ripped off 40 euros to go into.

There’s a difference between being
young and having fun, and being young and being a wanker.


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