Mobile DoDonPachi

26th August 2009. Mobile DoDonPachi.
I am on my new second Netbook. My first was an Acer Aspire one and I loved it but when you can get one for free off Virgin media, why wouldn’t you?
Well not exactly free, you see I already take all my services from Virgin apart from mobile broadband  which I used from T-Mobile. Why T-Mobile? Because they are the only ones that allow me to connect on a daily basis; £2.50 per day. That’s perfect for when I’m travelling away 3 or 4 times per moth.
If I took the Virgin mobile broadband though, for £15 per month, then I could get this nifty free netbook. I probably spend about that much anyway on T-Mobile so I thought what the hell, go for it.
After a bit of a wait it turned up yesterday and I’ve used it properly for the first time today. It’s called a Freedom Netbook, similar spec to my last one but has a bigger screen, is lighter and faster. I really am completely amazed by it. It’s XP, not Linux, so I downloaded MAME (something that plays video games for those who don’t know it) and it works a treat. DoDonPachi on the move! Perfect! I turned it on at York and the battery is still running as I’m on my way to Southamton from London, and that’s with the WiFi transmiter on too, my last one would maybe have got half way to London.
I just tested the new mobile broadband connection too and that works a treat, over 3Mb/s on a train!
So this is now my new baby. I’ve got a problem though. In my haste to get the free netbook I didn’t think as to whether I actually needed it, which I don’t, so now I have a netbook sat there and I don’t know what to do with it! Maybe I’ll swap it for some computer games.
Have fun,

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