ScepticaLee #3

27th August 2009. ScepticaLee #3.
It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to whinge about but last night I saw something on the telly about that old chestnut, global warming, sorry, climate change.
John Prescott (someone who I admire for his treatment of mental farmers) was on telly, babbling about climate change and how it’s all our fault and we have to sort it out, blah blah blah.
The show then went on to describe his idea (or one that he subscribes to at least). From the way I understood it it goes a bit like this. We want to cut global emissions of CO2 because, apparently, that is going to kill us all, but we don’t want to be seen to be nasty to those pesky developing countries and prevent them from developing to the same level as us. After all, we have clogged the planet up getting to where we are.
So the plan is to drastically cut emissions in developed countries and but allow more emissions in developing countries until they catch us up and we are all equal in our emissions.
Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, not to me, to me it sounds like a rip-off. The way I see it is that millions of hard working people who happen to be born in a developed country will spend billions of pounds in cutting emissions, and in effect slow their own development, under the expectation that global levels will drop, when in actual fact they will keep going up because the under developed countries will pollute more.
So there it is, the real reason to piss about with your recycling, to start driving electric cars, pay extra for flights to offset your carbon footprint and to be banned from using the humble placky bag is to subsidise the developing world, not to save our necks.
I’m not saying that’s even a bad thing but at least “they” could be honest about it. Or maybe I’m just being a bit too cynical. 
As a side note, apparently Japanese top scientists have said that there is no evidence for man made global warming and at best it can only be considered a hypothesis. So it looks like it’s not just me that’s a tad confused about the subject.

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