First Steps First

29th December, 2009:

Obviously my plan to own my own dog’s nadgers arcade room thingy has to begin somewhere. Today it was to arrange delivery of my existing Space Ace to Italy and to sort out a second job.

Seriously… A second job. Well not so much a job as a way of raising funds to buy more arcade games. Let’s call it a hobby to support a hobby.

There’s simply no way at the moment that I can afford to sustain a hobby where the games regularly break 1000 sovs each, it’s a large step up from anything I’ve done before.   I’ve managed to scrimp enough together to get myself a Dragon’s Lair, Smash TV and also get them delivered by selling all my other game related stuff, but to do any more is going to take some serious moolah.

So a hobby to sustain a hobby it is. I have some spare cash to set myself up and believe me, I spent hours agonizing over whether I should possibly waste a grand on a possibly futile exercise to support a hobby or just buy a Ketsui.  I reckon if I don’t give it a go though, I’ll never know. You’ll be able to tell how successful I am by how many games get added to this blog!

Double bonus is that I’ll need a trailer, so in future I can pick up my own cabs 🙂

The Space Ace delivery to Italy goes out in the next couple of weeks, so I have to pack it up. Call back to find out how it goes!