Get me out of Here!

4th January, 2010:

I sold it a few days ago and the  time arrived where I had to prepare to move my Cinematronics Space Ace ready for removal by a courier.  As it happened it was Sunday, 3rd January and I had the motivation to move it. I wasn’t expecting the courier for another week or so.

Time to wiggle it out of its orifice.

For a man of my stature, that was knackering!

Well, being as I’ve finished mifligating it, I have to test it obviously. You know… just one go…

So that was that, until Monday morning… when the phone rang… and the courier was on the other end… “You have until 3.00pm to pack the machine, we’re coming for it”, they said. “But I only get an hour  at most for my dinner”, I said. “Tough”, they said. “Gulp”, I said

12.00! Time to panic! Time to Pack! More haste, less speed!

It’s ready! Ciao!