The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Wah we wah we wahhhh: My Smash T.V. and Powerdrift eventually got delivered. Smash T.V. is nigh on mint, it just needs a bit of a clean on the control panel. Powered it up and it worked fine. Absolutely brilliant game.

Wah we wah we wahhh: The Powerdrift was damaged internally. The monitor control PCB had fallen off its shelf and pulled the back of the monitor off. I tried to fix it, clipping back the PCB where it should go, replacing some ROMs that had fallen off the main PCB and replacing the back of the monitor (it looked like it it just clipped back on). Turned on the power, nothing. A bit of fault finding later and I found that the wires inside the plug had come out of their connectors. I fixed that, plugged it back in, flicked the power switch. “Bang! Flash!”, exclaimed the monitor. I suppose I can take heart in that I sussed out the power problem. To check the state of the newly exploded monitor I need to take it out of the cabinet and I can’t do that until I get a tamper proof screwdriver for the tamper proof screws that it’s held together with.

Wah we wah we wahhh. The courier that was taking my Cinematronics Space Ace to Italy finally managed to set off once the snow had melted. He was due to deliver the machine today, but instead has been involved in a really bad crash in Belgium. The van overturned and is a mess. Most of the contents, including the Space Ace, have been badly damaged. I now need to refund a grand  {that I have already spent} to the buyer and hope that the insurance pays up {as I’ve been assured it will}. Apparently the remains of what was once a proud video game are being brought back to England and when they arrive I will need to go and inspect the body and arrange the insurance claim with the courier.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I have some.