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Mission Control V4

The start of a new layout for mission control. I’ve moved a few things around and got my arcade machines in. Turned them all on for the first time together. Thought you might like to see the results!

Mission Control V4


No… Really… No-one Can Survive the Masher


9th February 2010:  EEEEEeeeeeeeekkkkk!  No other words needed!


DSCF4121  DSCF4123 DSCF4126DSCF4128DSCF4124 DSCF4122DSCF4125  DSCF4127  DSCF4129 DSCF4130 DSCF4131

Dances With Machines

Wahoo! Dragon’s Lair 2 came. The only trouble is there’s nowhere to put it! So:

Shift the Smash T.V.


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