Internet Changes

I’ve got a bit of a hangover today and so am prattling about on my computer, you know moving a file here, deleting a directory there. It occurred to me to sort out “my internet”, you see because I love the net I tend to sign up for everything, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, MySpace.. You know, just everything.

I used to use Hotmail all the time but Google released their Gmail and I went crazy for that and the free office apps they have. After a year or so though I found the tagging a bit tedious in Gmail and I noticed Microsoft (MS) doing some great stuff with Windows Live. So I decided that Hotmail would be my chosen e-mail once again.

On top of the e-mail they have some brilliant versions of their Office programmes online for free, all tied into the same “menu” system and the Skydrive is brilliant. basically they got a kick up the arse off Google and responded in kind. Both Google and Microsoft’s offerings are simply stunning for free. Home computer users have no need to buy anything for their e-mail, Blogging or document writing needs. The power of competition on the internet!

Because of all the signing up and generally being an internet nerd I ended up with a load of blogs. Some that I host myself, one at Blogger (Google), one at MS Spaces, one in Facebook etc. I also have e-mail and documents all over the place too. So despite the fantasticness of the internet freebies, if you don’t stick to one or t’other you end up with a mess of stuff everywhere, which isn;t good.

So here are my choices for this year. MS Live for my e-mail, word processing and stuff. My own hosted Word Press for my Eckychap site and a Word Press blog at Word to annoy you all with some ScepticaLee ranting.

I can’t help but think I’ll have to transfer everything over to something else by the end of the year though!


P.S. The latest quandary I have is whether to use DropBox or Microsoft Devices… hmmm


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