ScepticaLee #4

I watched a reasonably good film today, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. In it is a scene where they are in a casino… That casino has at least one trillion lights flashing away with the sole intent of getting people into the building (obviously it’s a film but it was a real casino, or had as many lights anyway!) .

I have two strips of four “40 watt” bulbs that illuminate MissionControl. In the old days it was as bright, very bright, but now it’s a dull glow with a yellow hue that’s just about enough to cause the monitor screen to be so bright that it burns my eyes out because of the contrast in brightness between it and my room.

Tell me, Greenies, what is the sodding point of my sitting here in the effing dark using “green” bulbs when one casino in America uses more lights in one 24 hour day than I could possibly expect to use in a lifetime?

We are being ripped off and lied to, we are compromising our lifestyles for sweet FA because what we do will make no difference to the world. Greenies would have us believe otherwise but they can shove their power saving, takes 10 seconds to warm up, dull, piss yellow coloured bulbs up their arses. Bastards.

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