Dancing With Machines – The Tango

10th July 2011

I decided that I needed more room in Ramcade for when I get a new candy cab and I also needed somewhere I could put my Space Ace so I can get at it to fix it…

It breaks my heart but Smash T.V. has to go. It was never part of the plan for Ramcade and was bought on impulse. I’d rather not sell it but I just don’t have the space. Damn you stupid single sized garage!

Carefull Now

It has to fit through that door space somehow. Time to take the door off!

Now that’s a close fit

It’s through… Bye Bye my baby… Bye bye {sniff}

I now have room for another candy where that was. Now it’s time for a tango with Wallsy to swap the Space Ace and candy cab.

Now I can get at the space ace. I just need to save up for another candy cab to put in the big gaping hole in Ramcade.