ScepticaLee #6

I’ll warn you before I start that this is more of a rant than anything else and it will most likely have some pretty uncouth swearing in it and a hate tirade at the Tories. So if that isn’t your kettle of fish, or you are a child, I’d stop reading now if I were you.

This entry is by special request of a friend I met at a meeting recently. We got talking and my anger started to boil to the surface at everything. Somehow writing it down makes me feel like I’m getting it off my chest so he said I should write another blog entry. So here it is.

“Dear Tory,

I am fucking sick and tired of you bastard shit house Tories using the “deficit that we inherited” as the excuse for shafting every decent working class person in this country. The simple fact is that yes, you did inherit a deficit, but the way the are dealing with it is the Tory way, not the only way. To say that you have to cut thousands of police  or whatever because of it is wrong, you don’t have to, it’s what you want to do.

How about getting the police that you are going to sack and put on the dole out there capturing all your Tory banker defrauding bastard friends? Go out and catch all those that are evading tax and swindling in other ways. That way you could easily pay for the police you are going to sack, but I suppose you have to lick their scrotes so you keep those funds coming in.

Tuition fees for fuck’s sake. You are stopping the working classes from getting a decent education for free when that’s exactly what you had. The simple fact is that education is not a cost, it’s an investment. Just look at the tax the average graduate will end up paying and deny it isn’t. Surely we can give a free education when we know full well that it will pay dividends in the future. No, that’s not the reason you are fucking us over with £9000 fees. You are doing it to keep the small man down. Can’t have people getting above their station now can we?  It is ignorance that costs, fuckers.

And Greece. Stop lending them money you idiots. It seems to me that you are lending them money so they can pay off money that they have already lent and can’t afford to pay back. How about freezing their debts and giving them an affordable pay back plan to stick to, you know, just like Citizen’s Advice do for people in exactly the same boat with credit cards. All you really care about is making your rich banker friends even richer. Quite simply, if I was Greece I would leave the Euro, default on all the loans and stick two fingers up to your banker friends and the rest of Europe.

You stupid idiotic fuckers are ripping the NHS to shreds, privatising it for the good of your mates again without giving a flying fuck about the people that need to use it. What most people reading this probably don’t realise is that the NHS has been privatised. Not by a back door and not in theory. 80% of the budget for the NHS is to be given to GPs and guess what they are? Private companies in the main. Giving the NHS budget to private companies is what privatisation is. Let’s see how much of these “efficiency” savings you are on about end up being “ploughed back” into front line services rather than lining the pockets of the thousands of private companies the money is being given to.

Up yours,


“Dear Unions,

STOP FUCKING STRIKING. The simple fact is that the country voted for you to lose your jobs, it voted for you to be paid less, it voted for you to be treated like a lump of dog turd, it voted for you to do 3 peoples’ jobs and it voted for you to get your pensions fucked over. Suck it up and deal with it, striking just makes things worse, that’s what living in a democracy gets you sometimes.



“Dear Lib-Dems,

Will you please get a room to shag the Tories in because I am sick of you doing it in public. It is quite repulsive.



Phew, now I feel much better.



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