Fixing a Space Ace – eeek!

It was one of those moments where I just thought, “sod it!”. I had a chance to buy a Dragon’s lair and, if I wanted too, a Space Ace. The more observant amongst you will know that I already have a Space Ace so there was no real point to buying it, except I could butcher it to fix my Space Ace and also the Dragon’s lair I would get with it. So I bought both.

Well the time has come, the Dragon’s Lair is working and my Space Ace just needs a bit of tinkering. So I have a second Space Ace which is all but a shell with bits in it. All the bits mind you. So I have decided to do it up. I have all the side art, control panel overlay and marquee stuff I need but when firing this thing up it just makes a weird buzzing noise and the monitor displays crap…

Like this:

At least I know the monitor displays a picture of some kind, which is always better than a dead one!

At first I thought it was the monitor causing the noise but after taking out the monitor chassis I realised it was the power supply

Have a guess how much I know about fixing power supplies? Nothing, nada, zilch and so it is time for some education, more than likely a few electric shocks and some solder burns.

I can’t get at the power supply until I take the telly out and I could do with getting out my other Space Ace so I can test stuff in it so my mate Les is coming over tomorrow to help me mifligate stuff and take out the telly.

Wish me luck!


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