Fixing Space Ace

Gabber on!


Get the smart Christmas present out!

2012-01-22 12.22.09

Now to find out what’s wrong with the Space Ace!


2012-01-22 12.13.32

I’ve spent all day following the basic principle of swapping individual parts out of my non-working Space Ace into my working Dragon’s Lair. That way I can work out exactly which bits of it are broken.

The final result is:
– The PSU makes a loud buzzing noise but works perfectly.
– The monitor fires up but doesn’t display a picture.
– The CPU board fires up but won;t accept coin inputs and gives a “3” in the leds. It plays the laserdisc linearly from beginning to end.

Other than that it is fine. I reckon £50 to fix the monitor but I don’t know about the CPU board. I am going to re-cap it and see if I can find someone that can repair it if that doesn’t work.

So a bit of a mixed result, the biggest plus being that I didn’t electrocute myself!


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