Spare Space Ace – Gone at Last

It’s been a long time in the doing but the spare Space Ace I bought has eventually left Ramcade. Now I have enough room to fix my mint Space Ace and my Hyper Sports. I need a new CP as well for the Hyper Sports because the button layout is wrong on the one I bought. Luckily I live in Middlesbrough, the Steel Capital of Europe, so I know a bloke that can sort one out for me!

Because I got some room back I can now get to my Egret 2 again and play some mad Cave goodness. I got used to the iPad port but it just isn’t the same. I have discovered a new arcade injury type though. It’s called “end of finger burn” and you get it after a 15 minute session of sliding your finger trying to avoid Cave bullet hell patterns.

I’ve worked out that I can fit another 2 machines into Ramcade at a push but that won’t happen now until I have all my machines working and all tarted up with new art etc. that I have lying around.

I think I’ve decided to keep my DL2 after all




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