Ramcade re-booted

It’s been a long time coming but Ramcade is back online.

After getting rid of the spare Space Ace cab I had I worked to get all my machines at least up and running. here’s the status of them, as per jamma rules, when you think things are going well there is always something.

Dragon’s Lair – up and running. There is an issue with the picture constantly flicking between black and white and colour and everything inbetween. I have been told this is the tuner on the CPU board. I’ll fix this when I get chance because the game is playable.

Dragon’s Lair 2 – Perfect.

Egret 2 – Got a new board over the weekend – Dodonpachi Daioujou, so now it has 3 games in it, a 62-in-1, Daioujou and Espgaluda. 3 more boards to buy but that will come next year becaue I’m skint at the moment.

Space Ace. I fixed this and had it working, I took the laserdisc player out and tested it in my Dragon’s Lair and it worked fine. Turning it on yesterday though it failed. I don’t know what the problem is unfortuntely but I suspect it’s communicaitons between the CPU board and the laserdisc player.

Hyper Sports. My main board works perfectly except the audio decided to die on me. I think it’s definitely the CPU board causing the problem so I need to look at swapping out the faulty chip when I get chance. So I took that out and used my spare board which worked perfectly last time I played it except it doesn’t have a battery. However it seemed to work fine for about 10 minutes then slowly but surely the sprites started to corrupt. i assume this is a ROM or something overheating. Something else to fix when I get round to it!

Mame PC – I set up a MAME PC and installed MALA to use as a front end, it has something like 6000 games available.

Supergun with MVS. I have set my Supergun up with MVS and a 100-in-1 neo geo cart.  I expect the MAME PC and the Supergn set up to disappear when I get a horizontal cab (probably another Egret 2) but being as I have the space I might as well use them.

But overall Ramcade is up and running which is a relief after months of not being able to play anything.

As always with Jamma there is work to be done,  my most immediate list of jobs to do is:

  1. Fix Space Ace
  2. Repair the Hyper Sports boards
  3. Try to get a better picture on the Dragon’s lair and Space Ace machines
  4. Replace the tatty control panel overlay on the Space Ace for a NOS one.
  5. Replace the tatty side art and control panel overlay on my Dragon’s Lair

That should take me a good year to get through!!

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