Bye Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye

I had to sell one of my babies today. My beloved DL2 has had to be sold so I can fit another candy cab in my room. I thought I’d share how we parted ways {sniff}…

One last game…


Now to get it out from there.


I need a monkey to unplug it.


A teenaged daughter will do, say hello to Emily.


No way the machine is fitting through that doorway! Best take the door off.


Take the laserdisc out and step down before I go any further.


It’s out.


Why outside? because if I put it on a pallet in my house it won’t fit through the doors, so it’s off to my Mother-in-Law’s house because she has a garage.


For a man of my stature, it’s knackering!


it’s in the garage so let’s get packing. Laserdisc taped to the inside of the back door to keep it nice and safe.


The mother of all bags. This will keep the machine dry and protect the artwork from tape.


keys tapes to the back of the cab.


Now for some bubble wrap.


And now some pallet wrap around it to make everything nice and tight.


Now for some cardboard to protect the whole thing.


More pallet wrap to make sure the cardboard stays in place and keep it nice and tight again.


I recently got rid of a trampoline that my children had and guess what was wrapped around the poles on it? Some tubular Styrofoam. So I cut it in half and put it around the edges to protect them if they get knocked! A genius idea but not mine, it was Danny’s, the chap in the pictures.


I decided to wrap it up in a bit more pallet wrap so that the Styrofoam edges would be kept in place.  Now to put it on a pallet.


I got a bit paranoid at this point and decided that despite it being 100% waterproof I would make it even more waterproof before putting it onto the van.


Now I have a sad and forlorn gap in Ramcade Sad smile


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