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10 percent

I just blagged 10 percent off a curry for 6 lads in York.  Blag amount : £7 ish



I  blagged 10 percent off a curry in York. For 6 people.  Blag cost dunno I’m pissed.

Blag Blog

Those who know me well know that I am prone to a bit of haggling. I tend to haggle over pretty much everything I buy and sometimes am so chuffed that I just have to tell people about it. For instance, last week I blagged a free Veal Pie from a restaurant in London by telling them I was still hungry. I couple of days ago I blagged a nigh on £500 discount on a tv package and that was before the manufacturer discount which gave me another hundred pounds off. Sometimes blagging doesn’t work but I thought it might be fun to post my blagging successes here and their approximate value.

First up is the blag I did this morning. I ordered a bacon and sausage barm for my breakfast for the princely sum of £2.95. I told them that I only had £3.00 but I wanted scrambled egg on it as well and asked if they would do it for free being as it was the first time I had been in their shop. They said yes! Get in! Blag value 75p 🙂

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