Charity Coffee Flask

Here I am on a train, just able to fit my Ainol tablet in front of me, so I thought a few musings might while away the time.

First off the lady next to me is reading a paper and the title of one of the articles is, “Cameron Salutes a Great Moderniser ‘We’re All Thatcherites Now'”. Quite probably I should buy the paper and read the full article to see what the context is, but I can’t, so I’m going to take that statement at face value.

Cameron, you are a pompous, stuck up, presumptuous twat. How dare you tell me that I am a Thatcherite. I hated that woman, do not think to lump me into your sycophantic little fantasy of the wonderful Britain we now live in because of her and the selfish bastards in her cabinet. This country went backwards at her hand. Any thought of compassion towards millions of people disappeared. If you were anything but rich then you were nothing to her. Handicapped? Gay? Single mother? Employed in actually making something? Unemployed? You were shat on. 

You can kiss my arse, carrying on in her tradition. Give the woman a 10 million groat funeral after taking money off people because they happen to have an extra room in their house. I’m  a Bolton lad, I do not have the words to describe that hypocrisy with enough venom that would convey what I think of it. 10 million groats is a LOT of bedrooms. You must be superior, you must be above all others, you, the elite, can look down on the millions of imps that have nothing and batter them more and more. Take everything you can off them and throw it into a grave.

You wanker.

Anyway, now that that is out of my system I can talk about the real issue of the day, the Costa Coffee Charity flask.

When I got to Darlington station I went for one of my favourite drinks, a Costa Coffee skinny mocha. On the stand they had some coffee flasks for sale for 3 groats with all profit going to charity.

My finances are not what you would call “tickety boo” at the moment but in an air of “3 groats isn’t going to make any difference to my financial mess, but it might to someone else” I bought one.

It’s a fine flask I have to admit, but on taking my first mouthful of coffee a quite serious design flaw became apparent. The hole that the coffee comes out of is recessed into the lid, so when you try to drink from it your nose stops your mouth from getting to the hole, thus preventing your lips from encircling the hole and preventing spillage. What you have to do is pour the drink from the hole into your mouth. One dodgy bump of the train and the delicious Mocha will be a coffee-fall down my front.

I’m tempted to return it and get my money  back, but it’s was for charity, so I don’t want to, but at the same time I feel ripped off. Damn you crap designers of charity coffee flasks!


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