Freedom is not cheap

Brady… Why the hell are we spending our money on allowing that monster to appeal his sentence? Do a deal with him, tell him he can go to hospital to die if he tells us where the remaining body is, go to the moors and recover the body. Then force him into the grave and shoot him in the head. Job done.

It’s tempting to think that isn’t it? And my gut reaction is exactly that but with a bit of torture in-between.

Actually though, I am glad that he is able to appeal. Same with Abu Qatada, I am glad the govt. is having a hell of a time getting rid of him and I am glad because it shows that democracy and freedom is alive and well in this country. It costs a lot of money, ridiculous amounts in fact, but who said that democracy and freedom were cheap?

There have to be controls in place to stop authority running riot. I am glad that Brady can appeal because one day I might need to be able to appeal, I might need to be able to protest my innocence or mental state or whatever and it is a good thing that I can. Yes, Brady and Abu are manipulating the system to their own ends but they are at the extreme edge. There will be thousands of examples where the process worked, where the protection of individual rights kept innocent people out of gaol and protected people that needed protecting from regimes that would love nothing more than the squash every human right.

I think it’s important to recognise that.


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