A Big Let-Down and a Nice Surprise

I was really looking forward to Elite: Dangerous. I read every article I could about it, trying to get some gossip or information about how amazing it was going to be. Then it released and, for me, didn’t work. I was not amused.

A few other people were posting the same problem on the forums so I knew it wasn’t just me. So then began the process of a few of us trying our best to get the damned thing working, test after test, re-install after re-install to no avail. The support staff had no idea either despite trying to help. Then, finally, someone found a work-around.  I implemented it and it worked a treat.  To be honest it was a bit of a pain in the arse to get working but at least the game ran.

Into the game I delved, trying to understand the rudimentary basics of the game, even just taking off was an adventure in failure. But I persisted, trading and bounty hunting my way to a fortune. It felt dull though, as if I was just going through the motions of it. It seemed to be missing depth and over the next 60 hours I slowly realised that it had no depth. It gives the impression of depth because the world is so massive, but after collecting my umpteenth black box and attempting to kill my umpteenth pirate I came to realise that, actually, there was no depth at all.

The reason I bought the game is because it is supposed to be MMO. And it is, kind of. What you can’t do though is team up with a mate and fly around together attacking battleships and fleets or getting involved in massive pirate raids or anything. In fact you can’t team up with a friend full stop. I soon realised that it’s a single player game in a universe with thousands of other single player games.

I got fed up of having to re-do the work-around every time the game got patched and I got really frustrated at spending most of my gaming time looking at counters counting down and nothing else.

Eventually they released a patch that completely killed the work-around for me, so for a good week or two I have not actually been able to play it. No doubt I could find another work-around but I just do not have the energy to do their beta testing and tech support for them again. I asked Frontier for a refund but because I had already played 60 hours they wouldn’t give me my money back. No consideration given at all to the amount of time I spent trying to get the damned thing to work or that 60 hours is nothing for a game like this, I spent 1200 hours just in Guild Wars 2.

So Elite: Dangerous was the biggest let down in gaming I have had in years. I am now on a Frontier boycott and I will never give them another penny. They had all the money they needed through the Kick-Starter so didn’t need to rip me off my money, they just did it because they are shit-heads. If someone can’t play your game, give them their money back, you have millions of other players to take money off.


The nice surprise was that, being as Elite: Dangerous was a write-off, I found myself with time to play other games. I tend to stock up on games during the Steam sales periods so I always have a few games waiting in the wings to see the light of day and the game I chose to play first was DmC: Devil May Cry.

I kind of liked the first Devil May Cry but I found the others a bit boring. This little gem is fantastic though, not the best game I’ve ever played by a long-shot but really good fun. Some of the boss battles were awesome and the night club level is fantastic. If you can pick this up cheaply enough then go for it, you won’t be disappointed.


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