The Problem With Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has been announced and I think I might have wet myself a little bit when I read it. I don’t think any game could be announced that would get me into the state of sheer panic and dread that Fallout 4 has.

If you haven’t played Fallout 3, let me enlighten you. It is an almost perfect video game. The scale, scope and ambition of it was second to none and the 100 or so hours it took me to complete it were basically a demo of what it would feel like to live in heaven if it existed. It’s exquisite in every way, and I was playing the Xbox version!

The next game, Fallout New Vegas was brilliant but I didn’t find it to be as sublime as the first one, but only by the width of a hair and I know people who preferred it to the original.

Then came the shambles that was Skyrim. I couldn’t wait to play it and was not let down by the beginning, but as an hour or so passed by I started to realise the horror of it. For a start off the interface was dire, but if you managed to force yourself to tolerate that you could maybe try to kid yourself that the exploration and “choices” you make were as good as Fallout 3 but you’d just be lying to yourself. I made a decision right at the beginning to kill any “Roman” that I saw on sight because they were going to execute my character, except the game wouldn’t let me and don’t even get me started on the hammer, anvil and stirrup shattering cringe-fests that were the dragon’s talking to you.  I think I might be the only person in existence to think so, but I hated it. Every hour was a monotonous trudge through blandness.

Some people loved it though. It has been compared to Fallout 3, even elevated to loftier heights than Fallout 3 by the masses and the media. People live in it and wrap it around them like a comfy blanket on a cold winter’s evening.

And that’s the problem with Fallout 4… Skyrim.

I really want to think that Fallout 4 is going to surpass Fallout 3, but even equalling it will leave me feeling like I just got a free, never emptying, keg of Innis And Gunn Rum Finish but I worry, terribly, that they will ruin it like they did Skyrim. I just hope my fears are not realised.






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