Gaming in a Mild Blaze

I’m on holiday in Turkey.  For those who’ve never been it’s quite pleasant but just be prepared to shake hands with people a lot and woe betide you if you get annoyed with yet another restauranter trying to use the hand shake to drag you into his,  and it’s always his,  gaff and refuse to shake the hand. Trust me,  it’s not worth the hassle and you’ll get banned from their restaurant, which,  thinking about it,  is a positive result.

Because I’m in Turkey I have no internet,  not because they don’t have it – they do,  much better than the U.K. when you are out and about,  but because , in order to get a minute of peace, I have already forked out a fortune for my two daughters to have it permanently in the hotel and I can’t face handing over any more money for a bit of internet, much to the dismay of my youngest daughter who reluctantly lends me her phone for 5 minutes each day – which, based on the amount of whinging in that 5 minutes, is apparently an eternity to her.

The internet here is so good that I have had the pleasure of witnessing 4 or 5 children,  boys and girls (no #gamergate required ) set up around a table to play Minecraft. They had set up a LAN party.  All of them were on the same map,  all talking to each other to set up a little production line to get whatever resources they needed (“I found the diamonds you need” shouted the little girl,  she can’t have been more than 7 years old.)  I really wanted to take a picture to tweet out,  but I thought that might not be appropriate! It was a sight to behold though.  A spontaneous LAN party set up by kids, brilliant.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again,  “Minecraft wins”.

I’m in the Julien Forest Suites Hotel in Icmeler. The hotel is up a hill sandwiched in a mountain giving an awesome view and, more importantly, an awesome breeze that turns the inferno like temperatures into a mild blaze.  Perfect for keeping you cool while playing on the pinball machine that’s just visible in one of the pictures in the holiday company’s brochure, or it would be if the machine actually existed – which it doesn’t.

So the only real gaming opportunity I have is to fire up the trusty 3DS that I brought.  As it happens I do have one game to play – Super Mario 3D Land – which I never got round to playing.

Playing practically any Mario game reboots your brain to load a core set of game mechanics that you don’t need to think about –  like all the Beatles songs, they are built into you.

Super Mario 3DS is the colourful,  cute, head squishing,  block bashing,  princess rescuing  ride of generic brilliance that no other video game can come close to.  If you have played Mario 64 then you know exactly what to expect.  I particularly like how it’s broken into nice small chunks of concentrated platforming that mean you can have a quick game and interrupt it with a quick close of the 3DS when the kids start complaining about the next irrelevant thing they find to complain about.

I have found the game a bit easier than previous incarnations,  but,  that said I have only just beat Bowser and some new special levels have appeared so maybe they are notched up a bit in difficulty.

I could really do with a Zelda game next,  I just need to relax with the familiarity of it,  I forgot to buy one though so it looks like it will have to be Rythm Thief. Not sure I can take the stress of it though, or the earworms.


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