Xbox One X or Switch?

I have to buy one of them but I don’t know which!

The XboneX is going to be a monster of a machine, equivalent to a PC with a GTX 1070 in it. Not only will that mean great XBoneX games it will mean that PC games get a boost as well, just like happened with PS4 and XBone, and that is a great thing, so it’s worth supporting.

The trouble is I already have a powerful PC, and practically all the decent games come out on it anyway, so the XboneX might just be replicating what I already have.

Then there’s the Switch. It’s Nintendo and they make the best games, unfortunately though the catalogue is a bit sma… What the hell am I on about? Of course I’m getting a Switch, I’m a Nintendo Fanboy!

That new Atari looks lovely though, I will probably have to get one of them as well! I remember the Atari 2600 and the hours upon hours of time wasted on it (Space Invaders anyone?), hopefully this one will be just as good.




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