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I think Witcher 3 is boring

I am late to the party when playing the Witcher 3 but I had been dying to play it. Almost every review I have read says it is amazing.

Well it isn’t, it’s boring. I thought it was great for the first area, and most of the second but then things go down hill. The story becomes a long winding mush fest of mushy nonsense and the game itself degrades to throwing the same enemies at you in similar situations (rescue a town, kill a beast rinse repeat).


The question is, what to play next. I’ve got less than a month before Destiny 2 comes out and I really want to play that, so it needs to be something I can play in a month.

I never did finish Salt and Sanctuary, Transistor looks pretty awesome and I never did finish Never Alone. Choices Choices. I really fancy another RPG I think. A top down one.

Maybe I’ll go through Diablo 3 again 🙂




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