I have to say that the DLC with story in it for fallout 4 was better than the main game.  Overall the DLC was not good value to me becuase I don;t like to play build-’em-ups but Far Harbour and Nuka-World were great. I particularly enjoyed the great big double-cross I was allowed to do 🙂

Destiny 2 came along much to my delight. I always wanted to play Destiny but it was console only and as previously reported, I owned a PS4 for about a nanosecond before my daughter made it her own.

D2 on PC is a good effort and will keep you engaged. It is clearly a console game at heart but it’s great fun. It has a no nonsense approach to an FPS RPG, in that it is big on the FPS, not so much on the RPG.

The story is quite short and full of repetition (run here, shoot that) but somehow keeps you interested. It’s structured enough to allow you to play for around 15 minutes if you like or you can take on the longer missions at your leisure. I can’t see much to keep me entertained in the end-game though but we’ll see.

I can say one thing for sure, it is better when played with your mates (or in my case – your only mate with a PC). Somehow the scaling works so that a more powerful player is not overpowered and the less powerful player ineffective. That’s quite refreshing to see.

I can imagine putting a fair few more hours into D2, hopefully long enough for the DLC to be released.





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