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Service blag

I just blagged a £140  car service for £115. Get in.


Slug and Lettuce Biscuit Blag.


I blagged an extra 4 biscuits.  Blag amount: let’s go with £1


Last night I blagged £3.80 off a black cab taxi journey in London! Get in!

Extra peas!

Today I blagged some extra peas on my delicious dinner (you might call it lunch). The dinner itself only cost £3.99 so I reckon this blag was probably worth about 20p. Yum!


Not Just Any Old Blag


I just blagged those 2 biscuits.  You are only supposed to get one with your Marksy’s coffee.  I got me and Sue an extra one each!  Blag value.  £1.00, remember this is not just any old biscuit blag, it’s an M&S biscuit blag.

10 percent

I just blagged 10 percent off a curry for 6 lads in York.  Blag amount : £7 ish


I  blagged 10 percent off a curry in York. For 6 people.  Blag cost dunno I’m pissed.

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