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Freedom is not cheap

Brady… Why the hell are we spending our money on allowing that monster to appeal his sentence? Do a deal with him, tell him he can go to hospital to die if he tells us where the remaining body is, go to the moors and recover the body. Then force him into the grave and shoot him in the head. Job done.

It’s tempting to think that isn’t it? And my gut reaction is exactly that but with a bit of torture in-between.

Actually though, I am glad that he is able to appeal. Same with Abu Qatada, I am glad the govt. is having a hell of a time getting rid of him and I am glad because it shows that democracy and freedom is alive and well in this country. It costs a lot of money, ridiculous amounts in fact, but who said that democracy and freedom were cheap?

There have to be controls in place to stop authority running riot. I am glad that Brady can appeal because one day I might need to be able to appeal, I might need to be able to protest my innocence or mental state or whatever and it is a good thing that I can. Yes, Brady and Abu are manipulating the system to their own ends but they are at the extreme edge. There will be thousands of examples where the process worked, where the protection of individual rights kept innocent people out of gaol and protected people that needed protecting from regimes that would love nothing more than the squash every human right.

I think it’s important to recognise that.


Not the Whole Truth

The thing is, it’s a complete load of bollocks. The government economic strategy that is. Far be it from me to pretend that I have a clue about economics but I thought that the Tories and their bitches were supposed to be reducing the National Debt. I am losing money each and every month (about £250 per month so far with another £40 ish per month next financial year), and so probably are you, but at least the debt will reduce, so I thought.

The thing is, a couple of days ago I looked up something called the deficit. Should it be uppercase T and D, I don’t know, but what I have learned is that the deficit and The National Debt are not the same, not by a long shot.

What the Tories and their bitches are trying to reduce is the structural deficit. I’m not going to pretend I understand that fully but here is what I think I understand:

The National Debt is the total amount the country owes. All of it, everything. This is what everyone thinks the Tories and their bitches are trying to reduce, but they aren’t.

The deficit is the amount in any year that the government has to borrow. Basically it is the difference between the amount that is spent and the amount that is received in taxes. The deficit is ADDED to the National Debt each year.

The structural deficit is the amount the government has to borrow even if the economy is performing at its maximum. That is to say, the government is receiving maximum taxes whilst spending as little as they can and everyone is buying loads of stuff as well. Many people use the terms deficit and structural deficit to mean the same thing.

Common sense would tell you that if you reduce public spending (as the Tories and their bitches are) then the government doesn’t need to borrow as much, so the deficit reduces. All well and good except that the National Debt still increases by the amount of the deficit.

And here’s the rub. You would think that was a good thing. Reduce spending and the amount the country borrows this year is less than last year, so you add fewer pounds to the National Debt this year than last. WRONG!

Remember that the deficit is the difference between what the government spends and what it receives in taxes. Cutting public spending basically means sacking public employees and reducing government expenditure on public projects. What that does is reduce the amount of tax received because people can’t afford to pay it. So the difference remains the same.

Thinking about it… Let’s say we have a national debt of £1000. A nice round number. This year we spend £800 and take taxes of £600. The difference between spending and taxes (i.e. the deficit) is £200. So the £200 gets added to the National Debt. The National Debt is now £1200

Now, we cut all our spending, so this year we only spend £500, but because of that we sacked a load of people etc. and so only receive £300 in taxes. The difference is still £200. We cut spending and ruin peoples’ lives by taking away their jobs and the net effect is exactly the same. We add £200 to the National Debt, so it is now £1200. Exactly the same as when we spent more and kept people in jobs.

What the Tories and their bitches need to happen is for public spending to decrease but tax income to remain the same or increase, but it simply is not happening. Both spending and tax income are reducing, so the country is no better off.

Despite that the Tories and their bitches use  terms like “deficit” and “reducing debt” interchangeably, specifically to leave that ambiguity there, so that the layman thinks they are reducing debt when they aren’t.

They are trying to reduce the deficit, not debt, and are failing miserably. Debt is rising as fast as it ever was. What they are telling us is not the whole truth.

Scepticalee #7

Is it me or did the government recently give away £100 billions of our money to the banks at a very low interest rate so that the banks can lend it back to us at higher interest rates? This would be the same banks that screwed up the economy. Words fail me.

A small thing has happened lately. Scientists are sure that they have found the Higgs-Boson. It’s monumental . One of mankind’s greatest achievements completed using the most complicated machine ever built (another of mankind’s greatest achievements). It cost billions of pounds to find. Yet you’d hardly know it has happened. The papers and media are more concerned with making sure “the stars” read your future as generically as possible.

Probably most of us have been there are at some point. Lay in a field with a friend when you were younger (or by yourself drunk, when you are older, or both) in a field looking at the moon, then the stars, and talking and wondering about how we got here and where the universe came from, and how big it is. You start to ponder infinity and the biggy… How did we get here?

Imagine being able to answer all that! Imagine knowing what everything is made of, knowing how those building blocks fit together and most importantly knowing what those building blocks are made from. If we knew all that we would know everything. No need for gods, no need for superstition, no need for creation stories and no need to be ignorant. Can you imagine how stupendously amazing that would be?We would be the first humans, ever, to look up at the stars and know where it all came from. Everything. No guesswork. We would know.

And if we ever did work it out then we would expect it to be all over the media. We would expect it to be taught to all children, in every school, everywhere. When they lye in the field, they will know…

The Higgs-Boson is a major part of that knowledge because it is the final piece of the puzzle that makes everything known up until the point of the Big Bang. We know how big the universe is, we know what it is made from, we know how the building blocks of everything were created, we know what the smallest thing is, and the hottest and the fastest and the coldest (*), we know how animals got here and we know how WE got here.

And yet the Government just expanded the concept of “free schools”. Schools that are “free” to govern themselves. Anyone can set them up. And guess what? 30% of these schools have been set up by religious organisations.  Organisations that deny all that knowledge. Two schools are even governed by organisations that believe in creationism, that is, the believe that the old testament is literally true (Adam and Eve, the talking snake and that the earth is only 10,000 years old) and will teach it as an “alternative” view to science.

We are allowing this to happen and it makes me sick. I guess the Facebook status I read a few days ago from one of my friends sums it all up, “does anybody know the number of a good medium that’s available, preferably tonight”.

(*) Until somebody proves it all wrong.

ScepticaLee #6

I’ll warn you before I start that this is more of a rant than anything else and it will most likely have some pretty uncouth swearing in it and a hate tirade at the Tories. So if that isn’t your kettle of fish, or you are a child, I’d stop reading now if I were you.

This entry is by special request of a friend I met at a meeting recently. We got talking and my anger started to boil to the surface at everything. Somehow writing it down makes me feel like I’m getting it off my chest so he said I should write another blog entry. So here it is.

“Dear Tory,

I am fucking sick and tired of you bastard shit house Tories using the “deficit that we inherited” as the excuse for shafting every decent working class person in this country. The simple fact is that yes, you did inherit a deficit, but the way the are dealing with it is the Tory way, not the only way. To say that you have to cut thousands of police  or whatever because of it is wrong, you don’t have to, it’s what you want to do.

How about getting the police that you are going to sack and put on the dole out there capturing all your Tory banker defrauding bastard friends? Go out and catch all those that are evading tax and swindling in other ways. That way you could easily pay for the police you are going to sack, but I suppose you have to lick their scrotes so you keep those funds coming in.

Tuition fees for fuck’s sake. You are stopping the working classes from getting a decent education for free when that’s exactly what you had. The simple fact is that education is not a cost, it’s an investment. Just look at the tax the average graduate will end up paying and deny it isn’t. Surely we can give a free education when we know full well that it will pay dividends in the future. No, that’s not the reason you are fucking us over with £9000 fees. You are doing it to keep the small man down. Can’t have people getting above their station now can we?  It is ignorance that costs, fuckers.

And Greece. Stop lending them money you idiots. It seems to me that you are lending them money so they can pay off money that they have already lent and can’t afford to pay back. How about freezing their debts and giving them an affordable pay back plan to stick to, you know, just like Citizen’s Advice do for people in exactly the same boat with credit cards. All you really care about is making your rich banker friends even richer. Quite simply, if I was Greece I would leave the Euro, default on all the loans and stick two fingers up to your banker friends and the rest of Europe.

You stupid idiotic fuckers are ripping the NHS to shreds, privatising it for the good of your mates again without giving a flying fuck about the people that need to use it. What most people reading this probably don’t realise is that the NHS has been privatised. Not by a back door and not in theory. 80% of the budget for the NHS is to be given to GPs and guess what they are? Private companies in the main. Giving the NHS budget to private companies is what privatisation is. Let’s see how much of these “efficiency” savings you are on about end up being “ploughed back” into front line services rather than lining the pockets of the thousands of private companies the money is being given to.

Up yours,


“Dear Unions,

STOP FUCKING STRIKING. The simple fact is that the country voted for you to lose your jobs, it voted for you to be paid less, it voted for you to be treated like a lump of dog turd, it voted for you to do 3 peoples’ jobs and it voted for you to get your pensions fucked over. Suck it up and deal with it, striking just makes things worse, that’s what living in a democracy gets you sometimes.



“Dear Lib-Dems,

Will you please get a room to shag the Tories in because I am sick of you doing it in public. It is quite repulsive.



Phew, now I feel much better.



ScepticaLee #5

We are not Brits!! No, No and thrice No!

We are Britons.

Why doesn’t the sodding media call us by our proper collective name. WE ARE BRITONS, not BRITS.



ScepticaLee #4

I watched a reasonably good film today, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. In it is a scene where they are in a casino… That casino has at least one trillion lights flashing away with the sole intent of getting people into the building (obviously it’s a film but it was a real casino, or had as many lights anyway!) .

I have two strips of four “40 watt” bulbs that illuminate MissionControl. In the old days it was as bright, very bright, but now it’s a dull glow with a yellow hue that’s just about enough to cause the monitor screen to be so bright that it burns my eyes out because of the contrast in brightness between it and my room.

Tell me, Greenies, what is the sodding point of my sitting here in the effing dark using “green” bulbs when one casino in America uses more lights in one 24 hour day than I could possibly expect to use in a lifetime?

We are being ripped off and lied to, we are compromising our lifestyles for sweet FA because what we do will make no difference to the world. Greenies would have us believe otherwise but they can shove their power saving, takes 10 seconds to warm up, dull, piss yellow coloured bulbs up their arses. Bastards.

ScepticaLee #3

27th August 2009. ScepticaLee #3.
It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to whinge about but last night I saw something on the telly about that old chestnut, global warming, sorry, climate change.
John Prescott (someone who I admire for his treatment of mental farmers) was on telly, babbling about climate change and how it’s all our fault and we have to sort it out, blah blah blah.
The show then went on to describe his idea (or one that he subscribes to at least). From the way I understood it it goes a bit like this. We want to cut global emissions of CO2 because, apparently, that is going to kill us all, but we don’t want to be seen to be nasty to those pesky developing countries and prevent them from developing to the same level as us. After all, we have clogged the planet up getting to where we are.
So the plan is to drastically cut emissions in developed countries and but allow more emissions in developing countries until they catch us up and we are all equal in our emissions.
Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, not to me, to me it sounds like a rip-off. The way I see it is that millions of hard working people who happen to be born in a developed country will spend billions of pounds in cutting emissions, and in effect slow their own development, under the expectation that global levels will drop, when in actual fact they will keep going up because the under developed countries will pollute more.
So there it is, the real reason to piss about with your recycling, to start driving electric cars, pay extra for flights to offset your carbon footprint and to be banned from using the humble placky bag is to subsidise the developing world, not to save our necks.
I’m not saying that’s even a bad thing but at least “they” could be honest about it. Or maybe I’m just being a bit too cynical. 
As a side note, apparently Japanese top scientists have said that there is no evidence for man made global warming and at best it can only be considered a hypothesis. So it looks like it’s not just me that’s a tad confused about the subject.

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